Release | Covid-19 action plan in Shopping Center Zeppelin

Covid-19 action plan to fulfil the obligations of the Oulu area Coronavirus Working Group

The virus pandemic has developed badly in Finland, especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area (HMA), and the Ministry, the National Institute for Health and Welfare and the Oulu area Coronavirus Working Group have defined new restrictive measures also for shopping centres. The purpose of this release is to summarize briefly the responsibility of the owner of the property for the careful implementation of the instructions in shopping centres.

This release was last updated:                                                March 16, 2021

Covid-19 Certificate

Sponda has received COVID-19 certificates issued by Safe Shopping Center Institution for all its shopping centres already in 2020. In accordance with these certificates, audited measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus, which have remained in place on a large scale to this day and continue to do so. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, the centres have taken the following measures, among others:

  • The facilities have been cleaned in accordance with separate COVID-19 guidelines, with emphasis on disinfection of contact surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizers are available to guests on all walkways and throughout the mall.
  • When using toilets, attention has been paid to the fact that, for example, hand dryers have been removed from use and hands are dried with 100% hygienic towels.
  • The use of face masks has been widely recommended throughout the mall.
  • The number of visitors to the premises is limited by signs and prompts.
  • To maintain the social distance, customers have been instructed with both signs and alarms.
  • Security operators have been instructed to monitor compliance with gathering restrictions, the use of face masks and the prevention of queue formations.
  • Childcare facilities are either closed or diverted separately to safe operation.
  • Playground areas are closed.
  • Customer seats on common areas have been removed.
  • People's safe passage has been guided by announcements, instructions and posters.

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